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That’s the great thing ... you don’t have to leave what you’re doing. Easily find the style that suits you or upload the image of style that you love.


Custom Made

Every design is custom made and you select style or detail your own ideas for us to create that masterpiece your body deserves.


Quick Service

Your cloth is made and shipped to your destination in within 2 weeks.


Quality Control

After every cloth is sown, each cloth takes 24 – 72 hours to be vetted before delivery. Within this time, if there are alterations to be made to fit customers demand, they are done at this period so it does not affect the due date for delivery. We also document perfect practices as we evolve so that we would constantly serve you better.


Great customer service

Making you happy is at the bedrock of what we do. Our customer service personnel are not just phone attendants they are fashion designers waiting to listen to you and get you quick turn around on your orders.



We work with some of the best fabric merchants in Nigeria to provide us with top notch quality materials that would define your style.